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This book is based on the assumption that our bodies absorb man-made toxin, toxins that profit the food industry at the expense of our health. Genetics load the gun, but a faulty lifestyle triggers illnesses. The guests enjoyed cakes, pies, cookies, parfaits, puddings, cheesecakes, ice cream, scones, Nutella, chocolates, gelatins, etc. The chicken did not have antibiotics or hormones.

Holistic Hair Care

There were no preservatives or colorings or any chemicals at all! The vegetables were not sprayed with chemicals and were so good. The idea behind the book is to totally customize replacements on a very individual basis for each person. With the added nourishment of our amazing products you can have the best hair of your life.

Optimal health, youthful looks and vitality are dependent not only on diet and exercise — but upon our mental and spiritual attitude toward life. True beauty is not about physical perfection; it emanates from a sense of purpose, a feeling of being physically, psychologically and spiritually whole. This kind of total, holistic beauty comes across as a glow, an energy.

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You know it when you feel it and when you see it. One of the simplest yet most powerful gateways to achieve this positive state of being and feeling is meditation, a practice as natural as breathing.

Questions | Al-Mawrid

Most people have meditated without knowing it: gazing at a starry sky, being transported by music or the sound of the ocean waves, watching a baby sleep. Traditional Western medicine has come to recognize the power of meditation to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even accelerate the healing process. By practicing meditation a few minutes daily, we tap into hidden resources that revitalize all areas of our health and wellbeing.

Enlightened living is knowing that our mind, our body, our spirit and everything around us is intricately woven together; from the reverberations of our footsteps passing into the earth, to the sound waves that move through space with our every word. Just one thing… make sure I keep it. None of us is exempt from the natural process of aging, and the glorious head of hair we once took for granted too often becomes a vanishing, withering treasure, ever more precious and difficult to maintain.

One of the most beneficial things you can do for the health and beauty of your own hair is to read the label of every product you use to shampoo, treat or style.

Most shampoos and other personal care products today are loaded with ingredients that are harmful to your health and the health of your hair. All of these factors go into finding the perfect pomade for you. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pomades and styles - the look you are going for, the amount of hold and finish, and your hair type. Whether you style your hair the same all day or change your look to fit the occasion, we want to make sure you are prepared. The guide below breaks down all our pomades' unique functionalities and includes pro tips to make sure your hair is ready for any occasion.

Matte-finish styling clay separates, defines and molds hair in place to deliver a strong, pliable hold all day.

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Maximize the matte finish by using a blow dryer. Place on hand first and emulsify before applying to hair — this will help to have a smooth application.

My First White Hair and the Wisdom I Plucked

Light hold, moisture-rich styling cream softens and smooths hair while providing frizz-free definition and enhanced shine. Best paired with Clay Pomade for a volumized textured look — recommended for thick hair. Lightweight, moisture-rich styling paste provides strong hold for hours without weighing hair down, with a natural, low-shine finish. Create volume or straighten a curl. If you have a cowlick — this product will be your best friend.

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  6. Firm-hold, water-based styling formula provides dimension, textured separation and sleek all-day control without stiffness.