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Charlie makes a certain squeal when he is hunting. Granted, he hunts from behind the glass of our front door most of the time, or from the top of the damask couch, on point. But he is prowling, nonetheless, and scary, formidable. If he hunts from the back door in the kitchen, which looks out onto the wild kingdom that is our yard, I generally let him at it. Otherwise, he will scrape through the wood, and I will have to buy a new door. Mainly, he hunts for squirrels. He would really like to catch one, I can tell. I can tell because I have learned about hunting, having had to live in Texas for 16 years and two months and four days.

Soon, when my daughters have both left for college, I will be able to return alone to New York, where hunting entails apartments, and eminence and bargains on pointy slingbacks. Here, people pursue animals, and they know about them. They know about muskrats, armadillos, hawks. They really know about hawks. Charlie has a flexible neck. The sound is sped up, frantic, pitched like the squeak of metal. Last week, I heard it from inside the house.

It seemed more frenzied than usual. Someone is in danger, it strikes me, someone smaller than a pound schnauzer-terrier. I am a pacifist. I do not like when countries drop bombs, or people fight. Killing animals with guns sickens me. At the Home Depot here, they sell huts on stilts that people take to the woods and sit in, in the sky, waiting for days for deer to pass by. Then they shoot them dead and drape them on their trucks, like rugs. The squealing intensifies. I push open the back door and run around the side of the house, where he is pacing back and forth at a clip.

A portion of the house, about 10 feet, is a solid brick wall that connects to two other walls perpendicular to it. In which one does the speaker sounds more friendly and interested? Write a or b.


Try to sound as friendly as The Commodores and again in the s as a possible. Then ask each other the questions. He is best remembered for songs like Three times a lady, All night long, and Say you say me , for which he won an Oscar. The Guardian interview series. In pairs, try to guess what the original Sunday by the pool, no phone calls. I was terrified. The Commodores never did a farewell tour. We just broke up and disappeared. That there are 24 hours in a day and I need Only ask To my kids for not being there more. Read the first half of the popular all around the world.

Journalist, Anushka Asthana tried it out. It is a ritual which has evolved over the try to guess the meaning from the context the other words around it. With a partner, three minutes to decide if the person they are talking to say or guess what the highlighted words and phrases mean. Then could be Mr or Ms Right.

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The idea, which started in the check with Glossary 1. USA, involves bringing together people for an evening of c Using your own words, answer questions 1—4 with a partner. This is how it works. They stay at their 2 What kind of people is speed dating designed for? The men take it in turns to sit next to each 3 Why does Adele Testani think three minutes is enough? After three 4 Why do you think that the journalist pretended to be a lawyer? If the other person chooses you as well, 2 if the journalist thinks speed dating is a good idea. With a they will be sent yours too.

What for? If you were looking for a partner, would you try it? What questions would you ask? A man and a woman who have both tried it talk about their experiences. How successful was it for them? Then answer the questions with E Emily , were wearing fashionable dresses and smart suits, A Alex , or B both. People I spoke to 2 was asked an unusual question said they had doubled the number of dates they had in a year with just one night of speed dating. The men included a chef, 3 was asked the same question again and again a banker, a photographer, an engineer, a management 4 got the fewest matches consultant, and a novelist.

Then it started. I made eye contact with the girl next to me so we could compare our opinions of the men; we raised our eyebrows for a possibility, exchanged a smile if the man was 6 S P EAKI N G good-looking, and made a grimace if he made three minutes feel like three hours. And what From The Observer be an animal, what animal would you be and why?

In the end I ticked six boxes. A couple of days later, I was told that four of the men had ticked me too. Four new dates. Not bad in 66 minutes. Before you start, think of five questions to ask.

It is quite normal for a Look at the signatures. Can you your signature to change during your life, as your signature reflects how you evolve as a person. It is also identify any of the people? A Your formal signature A signature usually contains either a first name and a surname, or initials and a surname, or, less frequently a first name and initials. Your first name represents your private or family self, and your surname represents your public self, how you are socially and at work. The more space there is between your name and surname, the more you wish to keep your public and private self separate.

C If you use only initials either for your first name or your surname in your signature, this means that you are more secretive about this part of your personality your private or public persona. Legibility A legible signature, where names can be clearly read, implies that you D are a person with clear ideas and objectives. The more illegible your signature is, the less assertive you are as a person, and the more you tend to avoid conflict. Angle Most signatures are horizontal, rising, or descending.

A rising signature means that you are the kind of person who, when faced with problems, will work to overcome them. Usually optimistic , you are in control and ambitious. E A descending signature means that you have a tendency to get depressed and give up when faced with problems, and lack self-confidence. A horizontal signature suggests an emotionally stable person who is well-balanced and generally satisfied with the way their life is going. F Size If your signature is bigger than the rest of the letter or document you have written, that means that you are self-confident and have quite a high opinion of yourself.

Some people actually sign in capital letters, which suggests they are arrogant rather than self-confident. People whose signature is smaller than the rest of the text may be insecure and have low self-esteem. On a piece of paper, write the sentence I look forward to hearing from you, and then sign your name under the sentence. According to the extract, which of the people A—F…? Check with your dictionary or the teacher. Do you think graphology is a serious science? Why not? Remember the third person s. Have you had some good news? She never has any good ideas.

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  • Secondary stress is shown by a low apostrophe. It is less strong than primary stress. The , the. Do you know what a psychic is? Do you believe psychics Can psychics really have special powers or are you sceptical? After each part, discuss Jane Dickson investigates. I am almost the only person I know who has never been to a psychic. Part 1 1. Part 2 1. Part 3 1. Match the titles with the paragraphs. Tricks of the trade? Which techniques did Sally use?

    What has happened since she 3 A psychic can deduce a lot from your age and appearance, and most of them actually went to see Sally? What happened? The usual method is to let the client work out who it might be. Circle the correct auxiliary verb. Underline the auxiliaries which are stressed. C to check information. D to show surprise. E to avoid repeating a verb or phrase. A Is she? So is my brother! A Oh yes, you did tell me, but I forgot. B Do you? Then practise it in pairs. Neither am I.

    So am I. I hate. So do I. I like it. My favourite season is. Make guesses about your partner and then check if they are true. Then decide which you think is the correct answer for each one. Then listen and check. Write the words from the list in the correct column. In the excitement, one of your friends suddenly starts having a nosebleed. DO YOU…? Practise saying the words. Look at the typical spellings for these sounds. It hurts a lot and she has blisters on her skin.

    Check your answers. Explain… 1 what the situation was. Work in pairs. A read the first article and B read the second. Did Trisha Goddard do the right thing? Library assistant, Mrs Johnson was having dinner with friends in a 2 What happened to Peter in the end? Did his restaurant. They were all having mother do the right thing? She was starting to panic. Have you ever had to give first aid? I could hardly understand him, as his mouth was full of cherry Has anyone ever had to give you first aid?

    He had taken them out of the fridge while I was making lunch. This was a big mistake. He tried to cough, but nothing What happened? He was choking. Peter began to turn blue. How much do you know about first aid? I ran outside into the street, Where did you learn it? I was desperate. From The Times I put my whole hand in What do you think you should do if…? Correct the wrong highlighted phrases. B Not yet. I cut my finger! Have you got a plaster? B Since last Tuesday. Any problems? Workbook p. Read the jokes and use your instinct to cross out the wrong form present perfect simple or continuous.

    Listen and check. Doctor Use a pencil until I get there. Doctor You look exhausted! Patient Yes. Doctor After a cat? Doctor I see. Patient Since I was a little puppy. Doctor OK. Doctor Why not? Doctor Yes. Patient How long have I got to live, doctor? Doctor Nine, eight, seven, six… c p. Is there anything you could do to improve your health? Everyone agrees that long-term stressful? However, some medical experts Running for a bus or train. Shopping in your lunch break. What does the article say strengthen our natural defences which protect us from about the others?

    He believes d Read the article again more slowly. The stress usually c Good stress stops us from getting ill. However, in both these c Too much protein can make us ill. This means having a certain amount of stress in our 9 Doing exercise helps to make our m bigger and lives.

    From The Times Do you pay much attention to them? Do you believe them? So next time your boss tells you that she wants to see that report finished and on her desk in 45 minutes, p. Before you listen, read the glossary and look at how the words are pronounced to help you understand what he says. What do you think they mean?

    Answer the questions with a partner. Answer the questions with on earth she was talking about. Would you like Frank Clifford to read your 5 predicting his own future palm or do you a birth chart? Write the number of the speakers next to their star sign. Which people believe strongly that star signs can influence 3 Who nearly forgets what star sign they are?

    Look at If you are writing a letter you should start with Dear. It has 12 mistakes: four grammar, four punctuation, and four spelling. With a partner, correct Useful language the mistakes. Say hello to your family from me. I 4 you and your family are well. Responding to news Sorry 5 hear about your exam results. From: Chris Good luck 7 the new job. Hope you 8 better soon. Hi Eva, Hope to hear from you soon.

    How are you? What have you been doing? Anything exciting. Here everyone are fine — apart from me and my flu! How are your 1 Underline the questions in the email that family? Chris wants you to answer.

    Could you recomend a think you need to respond, e. That would be great. Please give my regards to your family. Use informal language contractions, colloquial expressions, etc. Underline the word that is different. Say why. He never remembers our anniversary. I can always depend on him for anything. I last saw you? These people use b watch a lot of TV their own name or nickname, the name of a child, partner, or pet, or a c go to the cinema very often birth date as their password.

    Petrie says fans are young and want 5 Passwords say something about our personalities to ally themselves with the lifestyle represented by a celebrity. Two of the because.

    Download PDF The Dog Who Ate The Airplane (Adam And Bagel Book 1)

    Petrie says cryptics are the most security-conscious group. They c we choose something without thinking about it tend to make the safest but least interesting choices. First, because they are b Look at the highlighted words and phrases. Can you invented on the spot. Also, to remember your password, you pick something that will stick in your mind. You may a 1. Answer the questions. Can you…? Before you with five different nationalities. Then do the same for Hell. Use their accent and what they say Heaven about people from their country to help you.

    Write down at least one negative and the lovers are , two positive characteristics about each nationality. Does each person think they are typical or not? Try to write in the missing words. A worldwide survey casts doubt on national stereotypes The English are cold and reserved, Brazilians are lively and fun-loving, and the Japanese are shy and hardworking — these are examples of national stereotypes which are widely believed, not only by other nationalities but also by many people among the nationality themselves.

    But how much truth is there in such stereotypes? Two psychologists, Robert McCrae and Antonio Terracciano, have investigated the subject and the results of their research are surprising. They found that people from a particular country do share some general characteristics, but that these characteristics are often very different from the stereotype. In the largest survey of its kind, a team of psychologists used personality tests to establish shared characteristics among 49 different nationalities around the world.

    They then interviewed thousands of people from these same groups and asked them to describe typical members of their own nationality. In most cases the stereotype how nationalities saw themselves was very different from the results of the personality tests the reality. Correct the sentences which are For example, Italians and Russians thought of themselves as grammatically wrong. The Spanish saw 2 English people often travel abroad.

    In fact, the 3 The Spanishs enjoy eating out. Brazilians were quite 4 Chinese and Japanese have a different cuisine. Czechs and the Argentinians thought of themselves as bad- 6 My sister married a Polish. The English were the nationality f p. Read the rules for adjectives whose own stereotype was the furthest from reality. While they as nouns, and do exercise a. The British are usually less friendly than the Americans.

    The only nationality group in the whole study where people The Italians dress better than any other nationality. The elderly are best looked after in residential homes. From the British press The unemployed should not receive state benefits. Dr McCrae and Dr Terracciano hope that their research will Small towns are better places to live than big ones. Do you think the people are typically English in the way they dress? Who do you think is Watching the English: dressed in the most eccentric way? Before Kate Fox, an anthropologist, spent twelve years you read the first part, discuss with a partner whether you think researching various aspects of English culture the following statements are true or false.

    Write T or F in the box. The following is 2 The English make very good suits.

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    T 4 Punks and Goths wear a kind of uniform. In other words, we English dress best when we d Look at the photo below. Surely the parrot-haired punks or the Victorian vampire Goths are being original, not e Look at the highlighted adjectives and work out the meaning following rules?

    The Dog Who Ate The Airplane (An Adam And Bagel Mystery) by Ed Coburn

    From what you know way. They are wearing a uniform. The only truly eccentric of English people, do you think it is true? However, they often have a sense of humour about it. However, it B The English are a nation of individuals, who each dress in a rather is true that the styles invented by young English people are eccentric way. The Queen and the Goths are good examples of this. We they are, the better. However, it is well known that most teenagers c Communication Clothes quiz A p. I decided to find out, and went straight to a group whose identity is very closely linked to the way they dress, the Goths.

    The Goths, in their macabre black costumes, certainly look as From Watching the English by Kate Fox if they are taking themselves seriously. But when I got into conversation with them, I discovered to my surprise that they too had a sense of humour. I was chatting at a bus stop to a Goth who was in the full vampire costume — with a white face, deep purple lipstick, and spiky black hair.

    We both looked at his highly conspicuous clothes, and burst out laughing. Which are short sounds, which are long, and which are diphthongs? Talk in small groups. How your nationality dresses Do people in your country have a reputation for dressing well or badly? Do you think women pay more attention to their appearance than men, or vice versa?

    Are people generally very fashion conscious? What is in fashion at the moment for men and women? What do they wear? Do you like the way they dress? Are there any celebrities in your country who dress in a very eccentric way? What do you think of them? Do people tend to judge others by the way they dress? Do you think you dress like a typical person from your country? Complete each sentence with the bold words in the right order.

    Read the rules for adjective order and do exercise b. Write a detailed description, making them sound as attractive as possible. Try to find someone who wants to buy them and agree a price. Depending on what computer system the airline uses, check-in staff can talk to Air Babylon is a best-selling book, co-written by Imogen Edwards-Jones and each other via simultaneous email. So when anonymous airline staff whose identities they seem to be taking a very long time to must remain secret.

    Out of 1, passengers, how many will There is a sensible drinking policy on all airlines, which means that we are not probably lose their luggage? Did you guess correctly? Be careful, taken them through customs and passport control, and got a porter to pick up their as there is one sentence you do not luggage, and then seen the person jump up in Arrivals and sprint towards their waiting need to use. I give you A Wheelchairs are a big problem for us. After decades in a chair, he walks B It flies into the engine, totally destroying itself and the machinery. Birds are one of the major problems for any airport when D So you can see, it really does pay to planes are taking off and landing.

    A swan or any large bird be nice to the person at the desk. In some cases they can do some times between the terminals are so damage, but more often than not they are just tight. When this happens, there is often such F And, as every flight attendant knows, a strong smell of roast bird that passengers on a snoring plane is a happy plane. At the airport 1 Most big airports have several different buildings called.

    On the plane 10 The pilots and other people who work in the plane are the air. Can you remember all the words and pronounce them correctly? When this happens there is often such a strong smell of roast bird that passengers on the plane think that chicken is being cooked. He drives so dangerously that nobody wants to go with him. They were such beautiful shoes that I bought them.

    Complete the sentences with so, such, or such a.

    The Dog Who Ate the Airplane by Edward Coburn | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    Be prepared to say why. Read the rules and do Hysterical the exercises. There was no advance warning, so many passengers a Match the sentences 1—8 with the correct sounds A—H were out of their seats or were not wearing seat belts when the according to the pronunciation of the vowel sound. In the 30 minutes of chaos, passengers desperately clung to their seats, as drinks and magazines flew around the cabin.

    Amid the terror, the flight attendant screamed every time the plane dropped. But when the flight attendant started screaming, I was totally convinced that we were about to die. The date was written From Daily Mail film. People started crying and being sick. After we landed she was joking above the door. I knew the city very well. Then she dreamt about her childhood. Then practise saying the sentences. Useful language asking for showing showing showing more information surprise approval sympathy What happened next? Oh no! Then what happened?

    How did you feel? What a pity! What was it like? Read a newspaper story to retell to your partner. The story can either be true or invented. Choose one of the topics below and plan what you are going to say. Look at the Story plan below, and ask your teacher for any words you need. Story plan 4 Is it worth listening to the safety instructions? Setting the scene 6 How important is it for pilots to speak This happened to me when I was… English well? I was …-ing when… b 2. So then I… d 2. What happened in the end? What are the main advantages and I felt… disadvantages?

    B ask A for more details and decide whether the story is true or not. Then swap roles. The original idea came from science fiction writer Brian Aldiss and the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph has run several mini-saga competitions. A She recognized the writing on the envelope immediately. The Gypsy had warned her that she had no future with this man, yet here he was — five lonely years after their last meeting, begging her to join him in New York.

    She felt unbelievably happy as she stepped on board the Titanic. B He was worried. They had agreed 2. It was now 3. He prepared himself for confrontation as the door opened. He has dessert in the garden. Fill the bath at eight — he goes to bed early. I felt so frantic very worried proud. Write them in the correct place in the chart. Generation gap The last laugh Good intentions Types of adverbs Written in the cards Meeting the boss Time when things happen, e.

    Some of them are quite cryptic and the story is not Manner how you do something, e. In pairs, explain Frequency how often sth happens, e. Comment giving an opinion about a phrase, e. Where should the adverb go in these sentences? Then use unfortunately the adverb in bold to complete the sentence. She can say anything. First choose b Does your boyfriend live here? The lie Never again 8 a Have you been to Texas?

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    Apply today! Bookmans is built on a set of core values. Learn what Bookmans is all about.! Looking for a specific store or point of contact? Current Month. Sort By:. Event Type :. Event Location:. Event Tag. England Building Aaahh!!! Bookington B. Black Mr. Hyde Dr. Dog Dr. Seuss Dr. Strange dr.

    Wells H. Lovecraft H. Abrams J. Rowling J. Cain James Patterson James R. Frank Baum L. Henderson M. Scott Peck M. Carey M. Nature Mrs. Dalloway mrs. Crumb R. Nick St. Patrick St.