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Nicolas Flammel and the Discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone
  1. What was the philosopher’s stone?
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It should take about 20 or 30 tries, but you'll eventually get it. User Info: Gunsandredroses.

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You must have sold it dude because you cant equip it as an accessory. And just for general knowlegde,ther are alot of other things like this cause theres one success rate thing for all types of things like the smithy hammer for smithery,multi flask for compounding,nc program disk for engineering,keen kitchen knife for cooking,so if you obtain these things dont sell em otherwise its youre loss.

User Info: civilization You might of sold it. User Info: Mellerker As a tag on to civilization47s answer, you can get multiple "Keen Kitchen Knife"s as you need one to get the Killer Chef.

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The rest are one-time only items. Gunsandredroses is the best answer, it is possible late in the game, but it will take quite a while so patience is necessary. But getting the philosophers stone isn't too hard to get, if you havn't been to moonbase yet, wait until you are forced to have peppita in your party, temporarily, then go the area where you can access the workshop and use her, misty lear and mackwell.

You could use Eliza too but she has a lower success rate then peppita. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions. Question Status What does a Philosopher's Stone do?

How to make 'stone' in Little Alchemy

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Edward Almost Creates a Philosopher's Stone (English Dub and Sub) (FMA 2003)

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? The equivalent of the philosophers' stone in Buddhism and Hinduism is the Cintamani. It is also seen carried upon the back of the Lung ta wind horse which is depicted on Tibetan prayer flags. By reciting the Dharani of Chintamani, Buddhist tradition maintains that one attains the Wisdom of Buddhas, is able to understand the truth of the Buddhas, and turns afflictions into Bodhi.

It is said to allow one to see the Holy Retinue of Amitabha and his assembly upon one's deathbed. In Tibetan Buddhist tradition the Chintamani is sometimes depicted as a luminous pearl and is in the possession of several of different forms of the Buddha. Within Hinduism it is connected with the gods Vishnu and Ganesha.

A great Hindu sage wrote about the spiritual accomplishment of Gnosis using the metaphor of the philosophers' stone. Saint Jnaneshwar — wrote a commentary with 17 references to the philosopher's stone that explicitly transmutes base metal into gold. The seventh century Siddhar Thirumoolar in his classic Tirumandhiram explains man's path to immortal divinity.

In verse he declares that the name of God, Shiva is an alchemical vehicle that turns the body into immortal gold. The most commonly mentioned properties are the ability to transmute base metals into gold or silver, and the ability to heal all forms of illness and prolong the life of any person who consumes a small part of the philosopher's stone diluted in wine. The name of "Stone" or lapis itself is informed by early Christian allegory, such as Priscillian 4th century , who stated Unicornis est Deus, nobis petra Christus, nobis lapis angularis Jesus, nobis hominum homo Christus.

It needs to be noted that philosophorum does not mean "of the philosopher" or "the philosopher's" in the sense of a single philosopher. It means "of the philosophers" in the sense of a plurality of philosophers. Descriptions of the Philosophers' Stone are numerous and various.

What was the philosopher’s stone?

It is often said to be orange saffron colored or red when ground to powder. Or in a solid form, an intermediate between red and purple, transparent and glass-like. Alchemical authors sometimes suggest that the stone's descriptors are metaphorical. Thus is made the stone, which thou canst not discover, unless you, through diligence, learn to understand this geometrical teaching.

The various names and attributes assigned to the philosophers' stone has led to long-standing speculation on its composition and source. Exoteric candidates have been found in metals, plants, rocks, chemical compounds, and bodily products such as hair, urine, and eggs. Justus von Liebig states that 'it was indispensable that every substance accessible Esoteric hermetic alchemists may reject work on exoteric substances, instead directing their search for the philosopher's stone inward.

The transmutation mediated by the stone has also been interpreted as a psychological process. Idries Shah devotes a chapter of his book The Sufis to providing a detailed analysis of the symbolic significance of alchemical work with the philosopher's stone. His analysis is based in part on a linguistic interpretation through Arabic equivalents of one of the terms for the stone Azoth as well as for sulfur, salt and mercury.

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  4. Often expressed as a series of color changes or chemical processes, the instructions for creating the philosopher's stone are varied. When expressed in colors, the work may pass through phases of nigredo , albedo , citrinitas , and rubedo. When expressed as a series of chemical processes it often includes seven or twelve stages concluding in multiplication , and projection.

    The philosophers' stone has been an inspiration, plot feature, or subject of innumerable artistic works: animations , comics , films , musical compositions, novels , and video games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Legendary alchemical substance. This article is about the legendary substance. For other uses, see Philosopher's Stone disambiguation. Part [11].

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