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Dylan McKay was originally written as a bit player with a story arc that would last just a few episodes.

Elvis Presley and Racism | The Ultimate, Definitive Guide

But even Tori has admitted that there may have been some nepotism at play. I really wanted to play Andrea.

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It was sweet. It was actually very endearing, his admiration for her. Tori was really out there. She was just enjoying herself. When I was first cast, Donna was a just a smaller side character. So there was never a discussion about her character staying a virgin.

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I think she stayed a virgin because once we established that she was a fan favorite, people really started relating to her. Teens constantly would approach me and tell me that they were virgins and they had times where they were scared that being a virgin would make them seem uncool, but then Donna made it okay.

Gabrielle Carteris was the oldest cast member; she was 29 years old when she was cast as year-old Andrea Zuckerman. Worried that she would be considered too old, she lied about her age. I never talked about it. Beverly Hills, made its debut on October 4, , but it was far from an overnight success. I was strongly advised to write a show that would address the consequences of that sexual experience. So the first episode of the second season Brenda broke up with Dylan because their relationship had gotten too mature.

While we were filming a graduation scene, someone hid a bomb underneath the bleachers. We hit it big! West Beverly High School is a fictional place; the series takes place there because Beverly Hills High School would not allow the production to use its name. Filming for the school-set scenes took place at Torrance High School, about 20 miles away. It was hardly a secret that not everyone was BFFs behind the scenes. There was a lot of tension and unnecessary drama on the set, a certain amount of competition, and a certain—probably—anger about different salaries as the years progressed.

Nobody was brave enough to step in and set us straight, and have a serious talk with us about it.

According to Priestley, not all of the backstage antics were anger-driven. At the time, Thiessen and Brian Austin Green were a real-life couple, which led to some awkward moments. Buckingham and Nicks seemed to offer a brighter future and, crucially, an expansion of the Fleetwood Mac sound.

The band were now blessed with three first-rate singer-songwriters. Christine McVie brought a sturdier, though no less tractable, alto. Buckingham, meanwhile, brought a Cali-pop sensibility to his lead vocals and guitar work that finally unshackled the band from their blues-rock past.

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As they began work on a new album — the plainly titled Fleetwood Mac an indicator of this ground-zero dawn — the band suddenly sounded like a daunting commercial proposition. We rehearsed for ten days and went in and made the album. It was a great sense of circumstance.

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By the end of February the record was done. Landslide is a heartfelt commentary on the lot of the struggling artist, written in Aspen, Colorado after Nicks and Buckingham had been dropped by Polydor Records. The quintet toured the US for six months after completing it, the hard miles spent on the road eventually paying off when Over My Head made the US Billboard Top 20 early the following year. The Mac had to wait until September before the album itself topped the US chart.

What Used to be Where The Daily Grill is Now?

But another messy narrative was already unfolding. There had been tensions in the studio. And I play the bass. This was nothing, however, compared to the relationship problems that were afoot. By the time they all began work on follow-up album Rumours in early , the atmosphere within Fleetwood Mac was volatile. These interpersonal tensions were only heightened by the ubiquity of booze and drugs.

Cocaine was plentiful in the studio. Inside the Record Plant in Sausalito, co-producer Ken Caillat witnessed the creative toxicity first-hand. The McVies had decided to limit their communication with one another to matters of music only. Distraught, John threw himself into the bottle. I run a well-established public relations and literary agency firm with over 25 years experience, representing many high-profile authors.