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Simultaneously, she tries to be guided by the three rules of scene writing, found in the less ancient writings of David Mamet, regarding the three questions that must be answered in every scene:. We sponsor events designed to increase our knowledge of the craft and the marketplace, discuss the role of women as storytellers and foster networking and collaboration between women in all Guilds, as well as increase opportunities for education, employment opportunities and creative expression.

Our goal is to empower all writers and improve the profile and perception of Women writers in the industry. Note: Ticket fee exists only to cover the cost of the venue graciously offered by the WGA at a discount. Neither Lindsay Doran nor the Black List will benefit from this event. Any proceeds earned from the event will be donated to Young Storytellers. Lights, camera Live Read! From the Annual Black List. A story of power, betrayal, scandal, and deceit Join us for a night out with your favorite actors as they bring this script to life for the first time ever While that certainly earned them a reputation, nothing really compared to the time they found a child's baby tooth under a radiator at Court Street Grocers in Carroll Gardens.

A thrice-married, middle-aged alcoholic king who was once known throughout the realm as Prince Charming sets out on one last quest to slay a dragon and stumbles into redemption along the way. Cast will be announced the week before the show so keep an eye out! He tries hard. He fails often. Back by Popular Demand! On March 30th at pm at the Writers Guild Theater, Lindsay Doran may change everything you think you know about screenwriting.

Spoiler Alert: This talk gives away the ending of every movie ever made. In this buddy comedy based on true events, aspiring political Karl Rove decides he wants to become the next national chairman of the College Republicans organization. But the odds are stacked against him. With the help of his campaign manager Lee Atwater, he embarks on a road trip and discovers some dirty tricks along the way Join us to find out!

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In this hilarious political satire, when Ronald Reagan falls into dementia at the start of his second term, an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the commander in chief that he is an actor playing the president in a movie. Full bar and concessions are available in the lobby.

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Signed, limited edition movie posters will be for sale. Meteorites are crashing down on suburban Oak Valley, turning backyards and golf courses into craters and crushing people in cars and strip clubs as they try to escape. There's nowhere to hide. Nobody is safe. All is chaos. So what happens when the fumes from the explosions start turning men into woman-eating alien monsters!? Can a group of college friends reunited at a baby shower save the world with just booze and confectioner's sugar!?

Written and Directed by Tom Flynn. Things get complicated for both of them when he enrolls her in school for the first time and she is immediately labeled as gifted. For reasons that become boldly apparent, all Frank wants is for Mary to have a normal life, but standing in his way is his formidable mother Evelyn Fisher , and the small problem that he doesn't actually have custody of Mary. All rights reserved.

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Privacy Policy Use Policy. Writers Guild Theater. Justin and Hailey picked the venue after falling in love with Palmetto Bluff -- a breathtaking waterfront area on the May River and major tourist hot spot.

Lights, Camera, Kill!: 15 Celebrity Murder Scandals That Shook Hollywood by William Webb

Hailey enjoyed a penis-filled Bachelorette party with Kendall Jenner and co. Some Eagles and Packers fans got into an all-out brawl in the stands at Lambeau Field on Thursday night The brawl got pretty intense What would any game involving the Eagles be without someone being taken away in handcuffs pic. Eventually, cops came in to break it up We're told the three -- who were 37 years old, 34 years old and 32 years old -- were all hit with charges of unlawful conduct at a public event. We're told as punishment for their crimes Aubrey O'Day says she was shocked and disturbed when an American Airlines employee made her turn her shirt inside out in front of the entire plane, but as with most social media rants The Danity Kane singer took to Twitter Thursday night to put a male AA flight attendant on blast, claiming he treated her "like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight" after making her undress in front of everyone because he "didn't like my shirt.

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Witnesses on the flight tell TMZ Our sources say when the flight attendant asked her to change it, she complained and said she was going to post about it on social media. We're told Aubrey claimed she didn't have another shirt, so she was then asked to turn hers inside out She could have gone to the restroom, but we're told she decided to slip her shirt off on the spot, exposing her bra.

AA tells us it has reached out to O'Day asking for more info so it can look into the incident, but according to her Twitter Aubrey has no interest in dealing with the airline any further. Dustin May 's fastball is scary as hell For some reason, L. May's Pennywise fit stole the show -- seriously, don't let your kids see it get it! Power hitters Justin Turner and A.

Dodgers wrap up the regular season in San Francisco this weekend and then the postseason begins Felicity Huffman 's daughter will get a second bite of the apple -- as in she can take another SAT test -- because there's no proof she was involved in rigging the first one she took.

The proctor gave Sophia extra time to take the exam and then fixed some of the wrong answers. For that, Felicity pled guilty to a felony and will serve 14 days. We've heard Sophia wants to go to college and must take a legit SAT test. Here's the thing So far, everyone who has looked at Felicity's case has concluded Sophia was in the dark. There is one thing There is no proof -- certainly beyond a reasonable doubt -- that Sophia knew what was going down.

As such, there'd be no reason she couldn't take another SAT test. A College Board rep tells TMZ, even if they felt Sophia had some culpability, there would only be a 6-month suspension under these circumstances and the 6 months has already passed. Another rep says students are generally able to register for the test without issue Snoop Dogg and his family are mourning the loss of his infant grandson, who appears to have died in the hospital.

Snoop's oldest child -- his year-old son, Corde Broadus -- says his son, Kai Love , was born on September 15, but died on Sept. Corde posted a video of his daughter kissing Kai as someone else was cradling the baby.

Kai was still in the hospital -- apparently in the neonatal intensive care unit -- when he passed away. Snoop's wife, Shante , poured out her emotions in a song on Thursday Kai was Corde's third child -- he already has a son, Zion , and daughter Elleven. He was Snoop and Shante's 5th grandchild. Prince Harry showed he's got his late mother's moxie -- walking through a landmine field just like she did some 22 years ago. She walked through the exact same minefield back then to bring awareness to the landmine crisis around the globe while calling for an international ban.

Two decades later, the area's been transformed from uninhabitable to vibrant Princess Diana spearheaded the Mine Ban Treaty Harry had taken up on the cause well before arriving in Angola to retrace his mother's steps. He made a similar tour in Mozambique in , and a couple other visits to Angola years ago. Just like Di, Harry's goal is a landmine-free world by Jennifer Lopez runs her business like Tom Brady runs the 2-minute offense with the game on the line As you know J Lo has said performing at the Halftime Show had been a bucket list thing for her.

Makes sense After a short ceremony, featuring the anthem of the Beitar Revisionist Zionist movement as well as Ha-tikva , the would-be immigrants boarded the ship at midnight. They set sail on March 1, , only to be sighted by British patrol aircraft a week later. Navy destroyers followed the boat and demanded its surrender, but the crew ignored the loudspeakers, determined to reach shore under cover of darkness. At pm, the ship ran into a naval blockade, and a hundred sailors armed with rifles, truncheons, and tear gas stormed the deck.

The seamen met no active resistance, and the Ben Hecht was towed into Haifa. The refugees were deported to Cyprus, but the crew members were arrested and thrown into the infamous Acre Prison. The mayor hosted a reception for them, and Ben Hecht organized a dinner in their honor. The youngest refugee aboard the SS Ben Hecht peers through a life preserver. For the author, these men were no terrorists, and he lauded them as heroes comparable to George Washington.

The letter also vowed that American support for the Jewish fighters would only grow. The text was quoted on the front page of the New York Times, and the British government lodged an official complaint with U. Though the group escaped punishment, Hecht paid a heavy price. In October , well after the British withdrawal from Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel, Britain declared a boycott of his movies, and his name was deleted from the credits of three films already playing in British cinemas.

Lights, Camera, Murder!

Hecht later took pride in the snub:. I felt perked up when word of the boycott first came out of England. I beamed on it as the best press notice I had ever received — a solid acknowledgment of the work I had been doing with all my might. I was impressed. A few filmmakers did take him on, for half his standard fee, and on condition that his name be omitted from the credits. Hecht agreed without complaint. Having stood on principle, he was prepared to accept the consequences. The Altalena affair was one of the most infamous and controversial in Israeli history, but few realize the ship was purchased with money raised by Ben Hecht.

Chief among these operations was that of the Altalena. The Irgun was being absorbed into the newly established Israeli army, so Ben-Gurion refused its demands that much of the weaponry onboard be reserved for its fighters. In an act of profound identification and empathy, the Bergson Group had dissolved on May 5, the date of the establishment of the State of Israel.

The organization gifted its assets to the state, including its office buildings in Washington, which subsequently served as the first Israeli Embassy in America. Hecht considered Perfidy his legacy to both the Jewish people and mankind.

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In answer to the question at the heart of the book — how could Labor Zionists have caused the deaths of so many Jews? In the hearts of Israel something has been overthrown. An illusion has collapsed. Not to all, but to many. He went back to the glitz of Hollywood and Broadway, lived extravagantly, and died penniless at age seventy on April 18, Yet the SS Ben Hecht lives on. In it was sold to an Italian firm, which dubbed it the Santa Maria Del Mare and pressed it into service as a ferry in the Gulf of Naples.

After another fifty years of extensive use, it was refurbished in as a private yacht and sold in It would seem to be the sole pre-state illegal immigration ship still sailing today. Byzantine Cistern in Jerusalem Playground Antiquity. Lights, Camera, Zionism! Pageant September 4, Photo: Bettman, Getty Images. Photo: Getty Images. Courtesy of the Jabotinsky Institute and Pikiwiki.