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Episode 4 Of Lost Things. Episode 3 All Debts Paid. Episode 2 Surrender. Episode 1 The Battle Joined. Episode 13 Man of Worth. Outlander Season Finale Recap: Frasers to the Rescue Reunions, farewells, forehead-touching, and one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire series — this finale was worth the wait.

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The Jacobite rebellion is put on hold while Claire and Jamie tend to unfinished business from Paris

Outlander Recap: Taking the New World by Storm Brianna and Roger circa return to rain on the gloriousness that is Jamie and Claire holding each other and looking at nature. Episode 2 Do No Harm. Episode 1 America the Beautiful. See all episodes.

Highlander: The Series (season 2) - Wikipedia

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By Maggie Fremont. World War I was officially over when Colonel Simon Killian ordered his troops into one last bloody attack on the Germans. MacLeod witnessed the massacre and made sure his testimony at Killian's court martial got Killian locked up forever. Seventy years later, Killian is back to return the favor.

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  • Meanwhile, Amanda has found a new friend, Melissa, a young thief out for thrills. Melissa wants to be just like Amanda so she changes her hair and her clothes to look just like her—so much so that Killian kidnaps her, thinking she's MacLeod's girlfriend. MacLeod and Richie go after the murderer and discover he's Immortal Paul Kinman just as the police arrive and arrest him. MacLeod wants Kinman's head.

    An ancient statue of the Hindu goddess Kali is purchased by the university where MacLeod teaches and is put on display. Its creator, Immortal Kamir, who has been searching for it for centuries, arrives determined to take it back to its home in India. Shandra Devane, the half-Indian department chairman who found the piece for the university, is equally determined to keep it.

    MacLeod, who has known Kamir since the Raj period, when India was controlled by the British Empire, knows Kamir is the last of the Thugee, a cult who worshipped Kali by ritually strangling her enemies. Nearly years ago, MacLeod was the devoted lover of Kristin Gilles, a beautiful Immortal who taught him to be a gentleman. When he found another love, Kristin refused to let him go, killing his new lover. Now Kristin is sharing her bed with another new Immortal full of potential—Richie.

    Methos, who knows MacLeod has never been able to kill Kristin because of his strict code of honor, has arrived in town to watch the fireworks as MacLeod tries to convince Richie that his newfound love is dangerous. MacLeod fights Kristin and disarms her, but once again cannot take her head because of his chivalrous nature. Methos then arrives and tells Kristin to pick up her sword.

    Methos wins the short sword fight that ensues, disarming and then beheading Kristin. World famous pianist Claudia Jardine has a secret that even she doesn't know—she's destined to become Immortal. Immortal impresario Walter Graham, who has guided the careers of mortal greats like Shakespeare, sees his chance to shepherd Claudia's genius forever and kills her, triggering her latent Immortality—against MacLeod's better judgment.

    Meanwhile, Methos has fallen for Alexa, a waitress at Joe's who has a secret of her own. ER trauma surgeon Anne Lindsey responds to the call for help after an explosion devastates a subway station, but when a subsequent explosion rocks the station, Anne is trapped. MacLeod remembers WWII London where he and the woman he loved, reporter Diane Terrin, were trapped in a bombed air-raid shelter during the Blitz, running out of time and air. MacLeod is desperate to rescue Anne before he loses her like he lost Diane.

    Beyond the Highland Mist

    A native American Immortal, Coltec, is a shaman who has fought many evil Immortals, absorbing their corrupted Quickenings. But the evil begins to overwhelm him, and his friend Duncan must defeat him MacLeod arrives in France, leaving a trail of hate and destruction in his wake. Methos finds him and discovers just how evil MacLeod has become when he tries to take Methos' head on holy ground.

    After MacLeod kills another good friend, Methos realizes that the only way to save MacLeod may be to kill him. In , MacLeod made a promise in order to save the life of a young friend. It comes back to haunt him when Kassim, the Immortal to whom he made the promise, demands that MacLeod assassinate the tyrannical dictator of a small Middle Eastern country.

    Outlander Season 2 Episode Guide, News, and More

    When his refusal gets a good man killed and puts Rachel's life in jeopardy, MacLeod is torn between doing what he believes is right and keeping his promise. When masked thugs try to take Amanda's head in her sleep and steal the crystal given to her long ago by Rebecca, Amanda and MacLeod investigate. They discover the crystal may be part of the Methuselah Stone, a mystic talisman said to impart eternal life and invulnerability to the wearer and that the person willing to kill Amanda to get it may be—Methos? Two-bit magician Danny Cimoli gets a whole new act when he's hit by a truck and becomes The Immortal Cimoli.

    Amanda and MacLeod find him in a circus, taking bullets in the heart to the delight of the audience and blissfully unaware he's now part of The Game. This is a killer whale. And he will bite you right in half. First of all, I am creasing up here reading this. Absolutely superb! I have to agree about the way Lara looks at Bobby. I absolutely adored him in stand by me and he was brilliant in the Defenders. I love the last scene in the newly anointed Axelrod Hall. Absolute genius.

    The best bit about it is the Eads will be thinking of it as petty and a stupid grudge and I can understand it being viewed as such, but I view more as Bobby seeing them as people who, despite having frittered away their family fortune, still look down on others by virtue of that family name. Yeah, the scene at Axelrod Hall was a great picture into what class is about in America. There are other shows who go there The Affair, believe it or not, did a good job with the idea of class too.

    Having lived on both coasts, the extremity of class differences, new money vs old, is far more pronounced on the east coast. Or at least I witnessed more of it there than anywhere else in the US. Yes, Wags is more than a sidekick, I think. And Wendy…well there are still volumes to see about who she is to Bobby. Hm, interesting call! Or, that he was someone who even needed direction on how to plant three feet apart. Also he did look like just a kid.

    You may be on to something! I find it fascinating that you went to the bookshelves for Wendy and Bobby but of course you did! What we wanna do is always get into the minds of those characters, in fact, the minds of writers… Those shelves are not randomly decorated with books. I just love the nerds that we are! But cut me some slack, I did not grow up in the US. Another thing I am fascinated by is how we make similar observations; however pick different quotes or focus on different things in the same scene!

    If the writers made that one up from scratch: Kudos to them! It was really funny! Simple as that. A remark on the chinese love of dumplings, perhaps? Maybe one of the writers will chime in here. Yes, no worries about repetition here. We both see things so uniquely…even the same things, but always with different eyes.

    I was like OMG what? For example, I believe Connerty is not a NewYorker, is he? I am all the way with you about the beauty of different eyes! Of course it is misogynistic. Of course. They are presenting this industry, this setting, very much as it is. It felt very in character for the men to crack these jokes. That would be the same sort of criticism given to, say, Mad Men. Yes, they were raging, sexist assholes. Its the same reason the majority of the characters we are seeing are all straight white dudes.

    This is the industry and how it is. Its not really glorifying it, either, it is just presenting it how it is. I think pretty much the opposite. But I still enjoy the show. Hi Holly, thanks much for your feedback! I think Billions is doing a great job in showing how things work!

    Melvyn the Magnificent

    I know a lot of people that did not watch Mad Men just because they thought the show was misogynistic. I kindly disagree and think the show did a great job in showing us how sexist and racist the workplace was back then. When you look at the PM table at Axe Capital though you see diversity — thanks to the different times we are living in Thank God! Still, I know what that woman is feeling. However, Axe seems to be gender blind at least in this one meeting he is praising ONLY Saldana because she is doing her work. I think most businesses are still dominated by white straight dudes, not only financial sector.

    I quite like Wags truth be told and he was being all bull dog asshole in that board meeting. Saldana worried pre-meeting and killing it during the meeting. Must be exhausting right enough having to maintain that bravado for that environment.