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  1. Drive to distraction Synonyms, Drive to distraction Antonyms | ypyxogozynyh.ml
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  3. Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving
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Drive to distraction Synonyms, Drive to distraction Antonyms | ypyxogozynyh.ml

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Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving. Here are some good ideas to help you drive more safely: View as PDF K Use your cell phone for emergency situations only. While you're driving, a cell phone should only be used for emergency purposes. Even then, it's best to pull over safely to the right shoulder to make a call.

Even hands-free devices can still cause you to miss important visual and audio cues needed to avoid a crash. Social conversations on cell phones should not be carried on while driving. Remember, it's against the law in a growing number of jurisdictions. You could be ticketed and fined. If you are drowsy, pull off the road.

drive to distraction

Drowsiness increases the risk of a crash by nearly four times. A government study showed that 37 percent of U. If you feel tired, get off the road; don't try to get home faster. You should limit the number of passengers, as well as the level of activity inside the car. Most states' graduated driver licensing laws prohibit teens from having teenage passengers in the car with them during their early months of driving solo.

Driving with friends can create a dangerous driving environment because novice drivers are focused on their friends rather than the road.

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Avoid eating while driving. Being busy is no excuse for distracted driving. Finishing your breakfast on the way to work or school may seem like a time-saver, but it means you are less attentive to the drivers around you. Food spills are a major cause of distraction. Do your multi-tasking outside the car. Everyone spends a lot of time in their vehicles, and it may seem like the perfect time to get little things done: calling friends, searching for good music, maybe even text messaging.


Don't do it. Alternatively write a letter to them, adding the bus number. The same thing happened to me back home with a different bus company First. The bus driver just shrugged his shoulders and drove away, so I got out my phone and recorded the bus number. I saw a massive improvement.

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