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So you really caught Dream? I don't have 20 NOTPs. But i do have quite a few. Miumi can be compared to Venom to be honest, they are both parasites and goo-like creatures tho Corruption in Miumi's case isn't necessary different think, just his negativity that can be heard in the mind of the person I like to see him as this person who always show, that they are royalty and wants the power Tho I won't lie, even if he wants to use Miumi, he's still careful and doesn't want Miumi to agree on deals with other people miumi corruptedmiumi corruption dreammare fanchild shipchild nightdream dreamxnightmare dreamsans nightmaresans dream nightmare digitalart digitaldrawing drawing art skeleton skeletonoc undertaleoc undertale oc goo royalty.

Don't repost my art.

DreamMare - Hello Poetry

Original Nightmare and Dream created by Jokublog. I don't have 20 NOTPs. But i do have quite a few. Don't repost my art. Original Nightmare and Dream created by Jokublog.

Instagram #dreammare hashtag medias

On this day So i made one myself XD - Anyway, i love Chao and i will keep him safe :3c - - I hope you like him lol Have a great day everyone! I want Dreammare. Dark and Jet created by Onebizarrekai.

Nightmare and Dream created by Jokublog. What better than an antique carousel horse that haunted his dreams as he painted her in black, silver, and dappled gray DreamSwap created by onebizarrekai. I-i'm so sorry Sister She is enjoying the feel and taste of the Pacific Ocean. She is an amazing horse! Don't ask, I was bored..

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I've fallen in Dreammare hell and i can't get out, Don't repost my art. This song creeps you out?

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This song freaks you out? The worst case is if it leaves you cold—then I can't help you any.