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It's important to understand how your adviser will be paid before you engage them, and before you agree to implement any recommendations. Here we outline some of the fees you may be charged when getting financial advice, your payment options and what to do if you're not happy with the fees you've been charged.

Live Fees and Payments

The first meeting with an adviser is often free. During this meeting, you and the adviser will discuss your advice needs and the adviser can explain how they can help you. The adviser will also explain how they charge and give you an estimate the cost of the advice so you can decide whether you want to proceed.

Costs should be outlined in dollars, not just as a percentage of the amount you have to invest. Simple advice on a single issue, such as choosing an investment or consolidating your super, should cost less than comprehensive advice that takes into account your goals and personal circumstances. See types of financial advice for more information. Advice costs can vary significantly from one adviser to the next. Some advisers charge flat dollar fees also known as 'fee for service' , while others charge fees based on a percentage of your investments.

Give Advice on Your Smartphone and Get Paid Instantly For It!

Some charge a combination of both, for example an adviser may charge a flat dollar fee for preparing a Statement of Advice SOA but ongoing advice fees based on a percentage of your investments. If you decide to continue working with the adviser, they will prepare an SOA that will formally document their advice.

It will include their understanding of your current personal circumstances and financial goals, recommended strategies to achieve your goals, and details of any financial products they recommend. The cost for preparing the SOA will be billed to you or may be deducted, with your permission, from the balance of your investment. If you receive advice about insurance, you may not have to pay for the SOA if the adviser receives commissions from the insurance company. If you decide not to proceed with the adviser's recommendations, you will generally still be expected to pay for the preparation of the SOA.

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If you decide to accept the adviser's recommendations, there may be a fee to cover the administration work involved with implementing the advice. The amount charged should reflect the complexity of the recommendations and the amount of work required. You may be able to negotiate this fee with your adviser. Never write cheques payable to your adviser if the money will be used for investments.

How to Get People to Pay for Your Advice - Run Your Life

Make the cheque payable to the product provider instead. If you've agreed to receive ongoing advice, it's important to understand what your ongoing advice fee covers. The adviser may offer different levels of ongoing service which will determine the ongoing cost and the amount of contact you can have with your adviser. If your adviser charges a percentage-based fee, make sure you know what this is - in dollar terms - as a percentage fee may look much smaller than the actual dollar amount.

Minimum Wage and National Living Wage

If you've agreed to ongoing advice, you will receive an annual fee disclosure statement that outlines the fees you paid, the services you received, and the services you were entitled to receive for the previous 12 months. Consider whether you have benefitted from the ongoing service and are happy to continue for the next 12 months. If you are paying ongoing advice fees for services you don't want, you can negotiate the ongoing fee or ask for the fees to be switched off. As well as an annual fee disclosure statement, your adviser must also give you a renewal notice for the ongoing fee arrangement every 2 years.

If you receive a renewal notice and do nothing, your adviser must assume that you do not want to receive ongoing advice and must stop charging you ongoing advice fees. You can end your ongoing relationship with your adviser at any time by notifying them in writing. Make sure you give them a reasonable amount of time to action your request and keep a copy for your records. Hopefully this should resolve your confusion, even if you are unhappy with the outcome. In addition, if you find yourself in the truly rotten situation of becoming ill during your holiday, there is the small blessing that you can take it as sick leave instead.

How to Get Paid for What You Love

And unfortunately it seems that only half Our research revealed that However it seems that many companies avoid doing this as sick pay is seen as a major expense. Hopefully you now feel pretty confident on your rights to sick pay.

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